Explore different and effective ways of learning English with us. Whether you would like to attend or send someone on one of our courses, which range from career-defining courses to shorter format core skills courses, or you want us to organise a bespoke course tailored to your agency’s needs, WE CAN HELP. 


The Callan Method teaches you English in an active, fun and dynamic way.

Speak at a natural speed.

Learn English in a quarter of the time.

ESOL Beginner Programme helps learners to improve their skills to be able to live and work in the UK.  Learners work to improve their skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Grammar.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills qualifications are designed to provide learners with the chance to gain useful, transferable skills in English, mathematics and ICT. They will help the learners function confidently, effectively and independently in their work and life in general.